It’s Blueberry Season At The Farm

It’s Blueberry Season At The Farm

One of our favorites here at the farm are the fresh blueberries when they get ripe. This year they were ready to start picking a little earlier than usual.  The early warm weather in the spring enticed the bushes to bloom early and they avoided any late frosts so early ripe berries!

Blueberries are a versatile tasty treat and good for you too.  Whether you just pop them into you mouth or discover a variety of other ways to enjoy them, they contain lots of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients.  Our berries are also grown with the addition of a special formulated organic blueberry food and no chemical pesticides.


Blueberries from Oklahoma Heritage Farm

Blueberry season lasts only a few weeks and we pick our berries fresh everyday. The berries grow in clusters on the blueberry bushes.  They all do not ripen at the same time.  It is best to pick the ripest ones off daily, so the others will ripen quickly.  The berries that are ready to pick will be a dark blueish color and release from the stem easily when rubbing gently between your fingers.

Fresh blueberries have a sweet but tart taste and have their best flavor while they are still a bit firm and before they become very soft and overly ripe.  Like other fruits and vegetables, they contain the most natural nutrients fresh, but can be successfully frozen to be eaten or used in other dishes at a later date.  Frozen blueberries are really tasty when eaten straight out of the freezer before they thaw.

We have other products made with blueberries including jams, jellies, muffins, cakes, & more on our shelves here at the farm store.

  • Ann Salazar
    Posted at 19:25h, 04 June Reply

    Organic possible?

    • okheritagefarm
      Posted at 06:57h, 05 June Reply

      We do not spray the blueberry bushes with any chemical pesticide. The blueberry food we use is formulated for the higher ph needed for the bushes to thrive.
      All of our produce is grown using many proven organic methods because for generations we have not only been engaged in growing produce for sale but also eating and preserving a large amount of what we grow to feed our own family. We have seen first hand the destruction of natural food choices and understand the desire people have for safe healthy food is the same as our own concerns. This is why we do not bring other produce in to sell but pick ours fresh daily and sell what we have available in our own gardens. It is also the reason we carefully select varieties of seeds that we plant avoiding GMO and preferring heirloom varieties. Our customers have grown to trust us and are welcome to inquire about our growing practices and tour the gardens. It is important to us to consume healthy foods that are not saturated with unsafe chemical substances, but we simply prefer not to request an organic certification that would invite control over our property, what we grow, and how we do it. It is our opinion that even the rain falling from the sky has a possibility of producing some form of chemical that could show up in a soil test. Thank you for your inquiry.

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