Our self grown produce is of the freshest quality for you and your family. Fresh from the farm to your table.


We specialize in handmade gifts for the home and for all ages.


This Oklahoma roots country farm is a great attraction for your whole family. We offer educational tours, and special events the kids will love!


Oklahoma Heritage Farm is a cooperative effort to provide access to quality local products and services that give you that healthy self sustaining lifestyle.


Oklahoma Heritage Farm
“Rooted in faith, cultivating family & freedom.”

We look forward to helping others reflect on God’s blessings through the joy we find by living a simpler lifestyle in a modern world.

Our mainstay products include:
Fresh produce in season, handcrafted gifts, homemade goodies, How-to classes, Oklahoma products depicting Oklahoma’s historical heritage and more!

Come Visit Soon!
  • September 22 — October 29 Oklahoma Heritage Farm 38512 US HWY 75, Ramona, OK 74061 Join us for the 2017 Annual Oklahoma Heritage Farm Fall Festival Sept. 22 through Oct 29. There will be several attractions that you won’t want to miss! First there is a specially designed 11......

  • The Almanac Planning Guide says the 3rd and 4th of April are good days for transplanting tomatoes, peppers and other above ground garden crops.  Here are some tips for transplanting success #1-Plant in loosely prepared soil with lots of organic m atter (i.e ground up......

  • One of our favorites here at the farm are the fresh blueberries when they get ripe. This year they were ready to start picking a little earlier than usual.  The early warm weather in the spring enticed the bushes to bloom early and they avoided......


  • In season vegetables
  • Homemade bread
  • Jams & canned fruits/vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Cookbooks & kitchen accessories
  • Oklahoma gifts
  • Jewelry & appearal

Margaret Snow Oklahoma Heritage Farm


It was a brainstorm that came from my roots growing up as part of an Oklahoma farm family operation that ingrained in me a particular love for the kind of lifestyle I grew up experiencing. I truly think there is something about the love of country life often passed through the bloodstream and probably was in my case. I have always continued to live sort of a self sustaining lifestyle that I learned and loved even when a successful career has taken me in other directions. A career that has given me the opportunity to use my God given talents and work in a field that I love but has also exposed the emptiness of many materialistic lifestyles.